Advantage and disadvantage of Studying Abroad

Advantage and DISADVANTAGES of Studying Abroad

Advantage and disadvantage of studying abroad, Almost all of us have a desire to study abroad.  It feels like a thrill to think of people living in one country in another country, living with them. There are many benefits to studying abroad. There are some disadvantages as well.  I know many of you want to come to abroad for your higher study. And it will be good for you and your future also. but you have to keep these disadvantages in mind as well. But  I don’t think the disadvantages will be important than advantages.

This article is about the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. I think this article will help you to decide what you want.

Advantage and disadvantage

1.Cultural diversity

One of the great benefits of studying abroad is getting to know people from different cultures and countries.  Many students from many countries of the world usually attend foreign universities.  In this case, it is seen that those who study abroad have the opportunity to get acquainted with people of different cultures.  As a result, the different aspects and regulations of those cultures are known.  Moreover, they have an idea of ​​what the culture of their country is like.

2.  Self-reliance:

If you study abroad, you do not have to be in the middle of the family rule.  This will allow you to discover yourself.  You have to do your own work yourself.  This gradually builds up self-reliance which, if not with family, often does not develop.  Thus, expat life changes a person and makes him or her ready for later life.

3.  Diverse Network:

As students from different countries come to study in universities abroad, networks are formed with people from different countries.  In university life, you have to study through teamwork, so there is experience working with students from different countries.  By keeping in touch with them even after completing their studies, a rich network of known people can be established which can be used in different areas of work-life as well as in life.

4.  New aspects of career:

When you study abroad you can get acquainted with many new jobs that are not available in your own country.  Not only are the tasks new to you, but you will also find interest in the work.  That way you can choose from many paths as a career.  This is a great opportunity because it involves choosing your own career as a career.  If in the country this opportunity is low because there is no such open access to a career selection in the country.

5. Good job opportunities:

If you want to work in the country, there is also the advantage of studying abroad.  Studying from a good university abroad will add plus points to your CV.  As a result, even in the country, you can join a good job relatively easily.  And using the experience you have gained while abroad, you will be able to quickly improve your career.

6.Adventure opportunities:

For those who like to roam around like me, going abroad to study is absolutely gold.  Travelling to a whole new country is not easy.  If you go abroad to study, you will be able to do well in reading and travelling.  This will also give your travelling mind a lot of peace.

7.  Opportunities for skill development:

In addition to adapting to a new environment abroad, your study abroad experience will help to increase your skills.  Your ability to work with different people, to cope with them, to lead from among them, etc. will increase your skills.  As a result, you will be the first choice of the organization for sending jobs abroad.

This is all about benefit. but everything that has advantages, there are some disadvantages to studying abroad.  Let’s see the Disadvantages-


1.  New environment:

One of the first disadvantages of studying abroad is the difficulty of adapting to the new environment.  You will be exposed to different eating habits, different behaviours, different languages, and in a completely different environment.  There you are one way, and there are others.  As a result, they have a great deal of difficulty in communicating, adapting.


When you find it difficult to adapt to a new environment abroad, you will begin to miss your previous life.  No hunger for food, no old friends for lunch, no chance to wake up when you want.  You will find yourself alone when all of these things are linked to being unable to cope.  This is a major disadvantage of studying abroad.

3.  Over Expectations

We all have a fault.  That is, we go with extra expectations when going abroad to study. you usually know about countries by movies and the internet.  As a result, we know less.  And we have a fascination with foreigners.  As a result, when we go abroad and face reality, that fascination disappears.
It can be seen wherever you want to go, there are strict laws, etc. for foreigners.  Due to hopelessness, many cannot continue their studies there.

4.  Going the wrong way

Another major disadvantage of studying abroad is the possibility of going the wrong way.  When you are frustrated about not being able to adapt to the new environment, that is the easiest time to go down the wrong path.  If you are suddenly released from the rule of the family, then there is much to do.  There will be no one to stop you in a free environment.  As a result, there is great potential for the character to be depleted.

5.  You have to Be Away in family bad times

If you study outside the country, there is no chance of returning home frequently because of the laws of that country or the cost of returning home.  As a result, the family does not have the opportunity to be with the family back home in the worst of times or on hearing of bad news.  This puts pressure on the mind so that it can disrupt education.


I think this is the biggest disadvantage of studying abroad. In many countries, the cost of living is so high that it is impossible for many families to afford it.  In addition to the cost of education, everyone has to work part-time to cover the cost of living.  This does not make time for themselves.  And finding a part-time job is also often difficult.  Due to this financial stress, both education and pleasure are disrupted.

For many of us, studying abroad is a dream.  But the death of this dream happens when people go abroad and find out the Expectations of reality are not the same.
That is why we all need to look past all the advantages and disadvantages and see if we can cope with the difficulties.  In view of all this, a decision should be made to study abroad.  Only then can the proper use of facilities and the disadvantages be avoided.


I think these are the major advantage and disadvantage of Studying Abroad. Now it’s your time to make a decision.i hope this article will help you. I think everything has some Advantage and disadvantages.but ill suggest you, in this case, you must give priority to advantages.

Best Of LUCK

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Advantage and disadvantage of Studying Abroad
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Advantage and disadvantage of Studying Abroad
Advantage and disadvantage of studying abroad, Almost all of us have a desire to study abroad. but you have to keep these disadvantages in mind as well.
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