Best countries to study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the biggest dreams of a student. But finding out Best countries to study Abroad is quite confusing. There’s a lot of universities and destinations for study but the main matter is which will suit you best. study abroad is not that much hard but not that easy also. To study abroad you must have to clear about which subject you want to study. Because subject should your main target. If you know your favourite subject, now you can find a suitable destination or university.

Study abroad is not that hard. but you have to move on step by step.

Different countries are famous and good for different subjects. that’s why I’ll categorize all the countries based on subjects and work opportunities. because it’s important for students for extra financial support. Here’s are the Best countries to study Abroad based on your subject.



Best countries to study Abroad

yes, china one of the best Best countries to Study Abroad. I think you have also heard about china. China is one of the most favourite destinations for science students. And its also well known for study science subjects.
And it’s affordable too. you can also do a part-time job while studying with a student visa there and earn a good amount of money.


Best countries to study Abroad

Germany is my most favourite country on this list. Because in Germany, education is Free. Germany is one of those countries where education is free. students don’t have to pay any fees to colleges. Most of the cost will be there are your living and food cost. And you can also find a part-time job there. But you have to know little German language to work and study there. otherwise, they provide a world-class education for free. And they are famous for there quality education. especially in science and art’s subjects.


country to study abroad
Sweden has some well-known science colleges. But Sweden is an expensive country. You can afford you’re leaving cost by doing a part-time job. But you can’t afford your full study cost bay part-time jobs there. It could be a great destination if your family’s financial condition is well enough. But you can earn a good amount of money working there.

 business studies


Best countries to study Abroad
UK-united kingdom

The UK-United kingdom is well known for there business studies courses. some of the world’s top universities are in UK.I’m also study in the UK and in my opinion, it’s one of the best counties to study business. And part-time job opportunities are also good here. student’s with study visa got 40 hours of work permit in a week and 160 hours in a month. overall it’s one of the best destinations for business study in my opinion.


favourite study destination

Canada is known for there high-quality education and easy emigration for students. Canada is one of the most favourite destinations for foreigner can find many Bangladeshi students there. and if you want to settle abroad, it could be a great destination for you.they also provide work permits to students after study.


quality education destination

To study business study Singapore has some great business universities. But studying in Singapore could be expensive. you must have to know Singapore is the most expensive country to leave. But its education quality is world-famous.

countries to study Art’s


study abroad


Italy has some top-ranked university. You can study the arts from these top universities. they provide high-quality educations at low tuition fees. Job opportunities are also high here. with study visa, you will get 20 hours of work permit for a part-time job.



France will be a great choice if you want to study arts subjects. because of some top universities of France provides high-quality education on art’s can study here in top universities without IELTS and with low grades too. they consider your quality, not your grade.also you can good job here. they will also provide your 1-year work permit after your study.i think arts student should come here from there higher studies.


best for quality education

Germany is also famous for there arts courses. it also has some good arts universities and courses.and as I told before, education in Germany is free.germany provides free educations and job opportunities for international students. So for study science and arts, it could be a great choice.

Some other countries provide high-quality education, such USA, Australia, and many others.but it becomes difficult to study there now, because of some laws they have made.

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