how much is your body parts worth?

¬†how much is your body part’s worth?

have you ever wondered how much is your body parts worth? your human body is pretty valuable. but the topic is how much is your body part’s worth? let’s start for your organs

Your Organ’s

the price of an organ transplant can be extremely expensive with more than 116000 Americans waiting to receive a transplant and 20 of them die waiting each day. A kidney transplant is over $400000 while a heart can be $1.4 M.This is, however, the cost of the transplant surgery and not how much you would make selling your organs. Though illegal in the U.S and most other nations, the organs black market does exist. black-market organ harvesting form dead and living people is an incredibly huge and lucrative industry. it’s estimated to be worth a whopping one billion dollars.

Based on reports by the WHO(world health organization) a kidney in India can go for $20000, in CHINA $40000.but in Israel, you can make as much as $160000 selling your organ.

it’s clear that some body’s parts are worth a lot. but some people have really put a price tag on their parts .sources state that Rihanna’s legs are insured for $1,000,000.but that’s nothing compared to Cristiano Ronaldo, whose legs are $144 M


if you don’t want to sell any organs. try selling your hair! a real wig can cost $800 to $ now you can sell your Beautifull hairs also.

but its more than major organs like kidneys and hearts that are in demand, on the black market, skull and teeth sets are sold for about $1200.

small intestines,$2,500,

bones and ligaments add up to roughly $50000.

Corneas clock in around $20,000.

and skin is also surprisingly valuable with the average person’s outer layer being worth about $24,000.

But now keep in mind that these estimates are just that, Estimates.there’s no official price list for black market organ sales.


you can make $35 to $135 a shot, with some banks paying donors $1500 for a one-year commitment. and the requirements are you have to be healthy, tall, young, and educated. For females, the price of an egg, however, is, much greater at $10000 and is likely due to the more invasive 20 minutes procedure to retrieve eggs that can put you at risk of infection or even endometriosis.


the protein-rich liquid part of your blood aka plasma can be worth $50.however some of the wealthy and again among us are paying $8000 a session to be infused with young blood. though the evidence is in its early stages, the ‘fountain of youth/young blood’ hypothesis comes from research at Stanford University where old mice injected with plasma from the umbilical cord of newborn human babies improved the old mice’s performance on memory tests.weird.

then there are the services your body provides:

right now your breathing. you exhale 11000 l a day and that means you can blow up the tires for about 275 cars.your sneeze has a wind speed of 4.5 meters per second, which is enough wind to power a small electric wind turbine.your cough is even more powerful with 22.4 meters per second and could power a utility-scale windmill.

your farts? if your diet is rich in beans, you can produce 68 ml of carbon dioxide is a single day.

and if you store these if you can, in 40 years you would have an approximate matric ton of CO2.thats a lot of gas, but it would only be worth $220.

meanwhile, your brain can store 100 TB of information .the retail value of a hard drive that big is upwards to $2,500.then, there are elements that makeup you. though we’re made mostly of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, there are some very valuable trace elements that contribute to your design like copper, gold, and even uranium. however, if you added this all up, your elemental dollar amount in close to $1

but when we take all these price points into account, the human body seems to be worth over


on the black market!

It just estimates and not your price. it’s just your body parts worth in the black market. not yours. your life is priceless.No one can fix your life price


how much is your body parts worth?
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how much is your body parts worth?
have you ever wondered how much is your body parts worth? your human body is pretty valuable. but the topic is how much is your body part's worth?
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