How to Prepare for IELTS with knowing low English

How to Prepare for IELTS with knowing low English

IELTS is an internationally recognized test for English language proficiency. Its full form is an International English language testing system. Here I will describe How to Prepare for IELTS with knowing low English.

IELTS is important for studying Abroad. If you came here it means your weak in English. But English is important for higher study. Especially for abroad. Also, my English was weak while I was preparing for my IELTS. But I did something extra activities that improved my English skills. How to Prepare for IELTS with knowing low English is a big question among us.

But believe me, it’s super easy. To give this test, you do not have to be a huge English Scholar. All you have to do is, have faith in your self. Stop underestimate yourself or stop taking underdog!

Before preparing for IELTS you must have to know how the IELTS exam held. The IELTS is divided into four sections.


All this test will be taken in one Exam. Like our childhood exam unseen questions. To score well, all you have to do is PRACTICE. but you can make some changes for a better result.which I did also.

How to Prepare for IELTS


1. Start From ROOT.

Grammar is very important to learn good English. For that, you can start reading your 9/10 standards grammar book.that will help you in your basic grammar knowledge.

2. Start Reading English Newspaper.

You can start reading an English newspaper. that will help you with both Reading and speaking. read English papers, magazines, blogs and books carefully for at least two hours daily, watch BBC, CNN programs. It will beneficial for your fluent English speaking.

3. English Movie and Song.

In my case, it helped me a lot.during my preparation of IELTS, I started to watch more English Movies. especially English sub-titled movies. I used to watch movies and read subtitles and try to copy their dialogues. It really helped me with my speaking and listening tests.

4. Translate Your Language to English.

In my opinion, the easiest way to write anything in English is translating your language.those who are not from an English speaking country,  writing something in English is like a nightmare to them. because we don’t use English usually. but if you learn to translate I can sure you, it will become very simple for you. If you learn to translate your language into the English language, you can write anything in English. all you have to do is, think in your own language and translate it into English. Really by this, you can score a good number in the writing test.

5. Create a team of friends to speak English.

Create a team of friends for speaking will help you a lot.whenever you are with them try to speak in English with them. About me, I formed a team for my speaking practice. my those friends always tried to talk with me in English. and I used to answer them in English. through this, my English has become much fluent. you can try this technique.

I think this technique will help you with your worked in my case. Find out your which part you’re weak. writing part is usually a bit difficult. I  will suggest you give more attention to writing and speaking part.


I will add a pdf book for you can download it and start practice from now.i wish it will help you.this is a complete IELTS preparation book.


Best Practice Book for IELTS


If you have any confusions, you can contact me.i will answer you.and if you have any questions, please drop your questions here.i will make a separate blog with your question and I will provide all information I know.

Thank you.BEST OF LUCK.



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