Study In CANADA 2019

Study In CANADA 2019

Study in Canada in 2019, I’ve been thinking about writing on the subject for a long time. The main purpose of writing is for those who want to go to Canada, how can they come to the best establishment and at the same time be the most profitable. I researched a lot about Study in Canada in 2019. Because I’m interested in CANADA for my Post Grad study. I’m recently studying in the UK.
To begin with, let me give you some basic idea of the universities here,
there are 2 levels in Universities in Canada:

1. Undergraduate (Bachelor’s Degree)

2. Post Grad (Masters and PhD)

They divide the year into three semesters:

1. Fall (September-December): This is the beginning of the academic year. Usually, all students are admitted this semester. Admission is different according to the University at the time of application. Usually in June at the Undergrad level and March-April at the Post Grad level. It should be noted that it is best not to wait until the last time to enter a good university.

2. Winter (January-April): Many students attend Winter at the Undergrad Level. they don’t take too many new students in this semester at Post Grad. But you can try. The deadline for admission is from August to September.

3. Summer (May-August): Most students are on vacation during this time. Especially those who fall at the undergrad level. Engage in postgraduate research or other work. Note that most of the students who come here to study at Post Grad level get help from the Research Fund – in exchange for the Professor willingly.

Educational standards:

One of the most important aspects of Canada’s education is that their standards are nearly equal. All educational institutions are governmental but autonomous. The university that offers the program has good infrastructure. That’s why many disagree with the ranking of Canadian educational institutions. So I would say, without looking at the rankings for studying in Canada, there are other things that will be of great benefit. I’ll talk about these later. Most of the programs here are centrally-controlled by the board. The engineering department is controlled by a board in each province (provinces are governed by the state of the USA). Other issues are less so


This is a very important thing. I’m discussing it differently.

living cost:

You need to stay in the dorm to stay on the university campus. The cost will range from $3000 to $7000 per quarter – depending on the facility. The cost of eating should be purchased separately in the mill plan – if in a dorm it is usually compulsory. The biggest problem for international students in the dorm is eating. The truth is that living in a dorm is expensive – but hassle-free.

For those who are off-campus, the cost is for one:

1. Home Rent: $ 250- $800 (it can be reduced if you share your room)
2. Contact: Bus Pass ($60- $150) bus passes for students in many provinces are free. (E.g. Alberta)
3.Eating: $100- $ 200 if cooked at home;
Outdoors: $300-$600
4.Phone and Internet: The cost could be reduced if you share your connection. Hold at least $50-100

(Note: may vary from city to city. Depends on your stay. The above costs are the same as the total living expenses.)

Now let’s get to the cost of studying. The cost of university fees per academic year ranges from about $15000 to $ 28,000 Canadian dollars. For immigrants or Citizens, these costs range from $ 4000 to $7500. In some universities, there are even lower fesses $8000-$14000 per year. Usually, these universities are located in a small town. So the benefits towards career are low. But the good part is that the cost goes down a lot.


There aren’t too many benefits for undergrad in Canada. Few universities offer scholarships at this level; Which is a lot less than the original cost. Some universities – those who have higher salaries show courtesy of equalizing regular pay with scholarship. If you make good results, some small scholarships will be available. Getting multiple scholarships reduces stress – which is very difficult to achieve. Some university policies say that you cannot get a scholarship because you are only an international student. It is important to check before your admission…


Here some programs offer an option called Co-op. It’s a lot like an internship. However, the companies pay some quite good Salary. I will write another article on co-op soon. But getting into the co-op takes a lot of good CGPA – an extra course and in some cases additional tests.
In addition, there are facilities for off-campus work permits. However, you have to wait about a year to get this benefit. You will be able to apply after reading full time for 6 months, but it takes a total of 7-8 months to get the paper together (Due to the recent addition of Bangladesh to the list of suspicious countries, the processing time takes at least 3 months instead of 15 days).

All in all, you have to wait about a year for a working permit. Earlier it was illegal to work outside the campus. You can work up to 24 hours on and off-campus before and after – which is very early in the beginning. Working on off-campus makes the cost of eating out possible.

Basically, I would say, only those who can afford to pay at least the full 3-year tuition fee + the cost of living the first year should come. Why? In Canada, international students are seen as products. Education is a big part of Canada’s national export. The arrangement is made in such a way that there is no one to help when you have financial problems. Again, if you do not attend classes for lack of money, you will not be given a work permit.

So the danger from all sides. Once you are in such a state it is difficult to get out of it – much to the dismay. Here too, you will not easily give immigration. If there is no financial relevance I would say end up bachelors in your country and Than goes there. There are many benefits here in Post Grad.


Usually, all students who come to this level come on student scholarships and various funding. TA (Teaching Assistant – Helping Students, especially Undergraduates), RA (Assisting Research Assistant) Can send However, admission is very competitive. The condition is the same – the average is usually A-. If it is less then you will have to pay the entire salary again. So with this in mind, if you read through your mind, hopefully, there will be no problem. And those who can afford to spend but the results are not good, can come at their own expense.


When you visit the university’s web site, you will find a link on the Start Page called “Prospective Student” or “Future Student”. find out which level you are interested in. Now surely you know what level. There you will find all the required information, qualifications, application forms. 2-way application-

1. Through paper

2. Direct online.

You can download the application form online form and print it out. I don’t want to say anything that would make it difficult to draft a bank – maybe this is your first obstacle. Remember when applying online – it’s a serious matter.

It will not work if you do not pay the required fee after the application is completed.but stay alert, Many fake sites can be deceived. You must know about the university. Don’t believe everything the university says about yourself on the web. Many University claims to have a good position in some weird rankings – don’t give a damn about it.

Below are some essential site addresses:

1. is an online admission site for universities in Ontario. You can apply through it or apply directly. It’s reliable The cost is a little higher – but you don’t have to worry about where you put the money and you can check your admission status online. This site should be checked regularly after application. Important: Fill out the correct form.

2. site of Canadian universities. You will find much important information here.


4.( Site – Here you can find all types of study permits and official decisions on study permit along.

If you have any confusions, you can contact me.i will answer you.and if you have any questions, please drop your questions here.i will make a separate blog with your question and I will provide all information I know.

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Thank you.BEST OF LUCK.

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