Study In GERMANY 2019

Study In GERMANY 2019

Want to study in Germany in 2019?. before this, here are some pieces of information about Germany. Germany is one of the most economically powerful and industrialized countries in Europe. Germany is a dream country for students from different countries, including Bangladesh. Its capital is Berlin. The main language of the country is German. There are 16 states in the country. It has an area of 3,57,168 square kilometres and a population of 8,14,59,000 (up to 15). The per capita income of the country is about the US $ 47033 (up to 15) and the literacy rate is 99%.

To the north lies Denmark and the Baltic Sea, Austria and Switzerland to the south, the Czech Republic and Poland to the east, France to the west, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. If you planing about higher education and advanced careers in Europe, then Germany may be the ideal country for you.

The quality of education in Germany is very good. In particular, the country has gained a great reputation throughout the world for technology. That is why Germany is called “Land of Ideas or Land of Engineers”. There are many world-renowned universities in Germany. Now coming to the Topic-

Subjects and semester:

Germany offers bachelors, masters, doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. There is also a diploma. The universities here have 2 semesters of admission per year.

1. Summertime (December 5 – January 5)
2. Winter, Deadline (May – July 5).

The Bachelor’s Degree requires three to four years and one to two years for the Master’s degree.


All the branches of science, sociology and humanities have higher education and research opportunities in different universities in Germany. some top universities in Germany are

Each year two and a half million foreign students and 23,000 PhD researchers attend universities in Germany. Of this large number of students, 30% received scholarships from different institutions. Many students get a chance to study in Germany each year through the DAAD or German Student Exchange program.
Also, many students get the chance to study in Germany each year through DAAD or the German Student Exchange Program. The company is currently providing financial assistance to 45,000 foreign students. About 65/70% of the scholarships of this institution come from abroad. Graduate course students get 650 euro a month, postgraduate students 750 euros and PhD researchers receive 1,000 euros as scholarships. However, scholarship opportunities are limited at the graduate level. Students from the different country go to Germany every year for scholarships to study at postgraduate and PhD levels.

There is also a chance to get scholarships for various foundations, including the

  • Stipendium Hungaricum
  • Studienstiftung Deutsche Pane

Students have received scholarships from the

  • DAAD Konrad Adenauer Foundation,
  • the Heinrich Boell foundation
  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
  • arranger Ingelheim Foundation.

and many others.

tuition fees:

About 90% of the universities here do not have to pay any tuition fees. Higher education in this country does not require any tuition fee in public universities. However, private universities require 500 to 550 euros per semester.


The language of education in most universities is German, but many programs are taught in English as well. It takes IELTS 6/6.5 or German Language B1 / B2 or both as language eligibility. However, if you have IELTS 6.5 (each module 6 minimum) you will be on a SAFE ZONE for the visa.


You can come to Germany with 3 kinds of students visa.

1. Students visa (Fix term Language course): This visa is usually 6 months. By no means will you be able to stay in Germany after the expiry of this visa. Because you cannot extend the visa period. Fix. There is no work permit on this visa.

2. Students Applicant Visa: For those who want to come to Germany for admission to the university, first take a language course. Purpose To study German, study at a German university. After completing B2 in German (European Framework Level 2), you will be able to start the Maine course without obtaining the appropriate number with an exam. You will not receive any work permit on this visa.

3. Student Visa (Direct admission to University): This is the normal process for those who are directly admitted to the University. You will get all kinds of privileges on this visa. There will be no problem with a work permit in this visa. I think this visa will be best if you want to earn some money while studying.

Part-time job and permanent residence information:

Staying – The cost of eating is usually up to (400- 700) euros. Foreign students are allowed to have 120 full-day or 20 half-day part-time jobs a year. However, full-time work can be done at Semester Break or Summer Vacation. If you know the German language well, you can work part-time and run your semester fees very easily.BUT In Germany, you can apply for permanent residence (PR) after 3 years, and you can apply for citizenship after 5 years.

Extra Information:

Every year a large number of foreign students come to Germany to pursue higher education In Germany low-quality education is available, However, students need to know some things before boarding a plane for Germany

1. There are no tuition fees at public universities in Germany, This is true but in this case, the conditions apply. Public universities have the opportunity to study for free without applying for a specific degree program In that case, the foreigners have to comply with the conditions which the local people study Study Abroad Program. and study at Private Institute are not free

2. The amount of work you can do in the study space as a foreign student is determined. Students who do not hold a passport from any of the European Union or EU countries can work full-time 120 days, or 240 days Half time. In addition, during the semester, you cannot work more than 20 hours a week. don’t try to do extra work secretly, Getting caught can be a big problem

3. It is true that in large cities of Germany, you can live without knowing Germany. many universities now have the opportunity to study English However, learning a little German will make your life a lot easier in Germany. And if you want to work in Germany at the end of your studies, it is important to know the language ( Deutsche Welle’s)German language learning course can help you with this.

4. Germany’s large universities provide a hostel facility for foreign students However, their service is not compulsory. And there are many websites where you can choose your Preferred living place. but The task is difficult. and if possible try to stay in a place where German students live Then learning the language will be easier for you

to study in Germany grade system:

study in germany 2019


If you have any confusions, you can contact me.i will answer you.and if you have any questions, please drop your questions here ASK YOUR QUESTIONS. I will make a separate blog with your question and I will provide all the information I know.

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